Thank you everyone who participated or helped with Anchors Crit#3!

For the third time we arranged a short but intense fixed criterium in Varberg by the sea. Winner was once again Giancomo Scottini from Italy.

The results:

1. Giancomo Scottini
2. Fredrik Molin
3. Marcus Blomqvist
4. Alessandro Scazzi
5. Rafael Brancaglione
6. William Axelsson
7. Gabor Vida
8. Patrik Stenefjäll

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What is a Criterium?

Criterium is a type of bicycle race where the cyclists  ride several laps around a a closed circuit.

A criterium is closer than a normal bicycle race, most often under one hour. This allows a greater speed. A city track with sharp corners requires physical fitness and good acceleration after the curves.

When does it start?

The 23rd of July 2022

Do you need to be a pro?

Absolutely not! It’s a advantage if you have some racing experience. But if not, you’ll get experience here. It’s important that you have a bike where you feel comfortable in tight corners and fast straights.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes! And you race at your own risk.

How old do I have to be?

You need to be 18 and understand that you race at your own risk.

What if I don't have a bike?

We have no possibility to offer bikes. But as addicted to the Swedish craigslist ”Blocket”, we always say that the perfekt bike is out there.

What do you mean ``quarter mile`` - and why is the track so short?

Normally a criterium is 500 to 1500 metres. But since we have a very restricted area, our track is 402 metres – a quarter mile. But make no mistake, it vill be tough!

How difficult is the track?

The shortness is both a blessing and a curse. Acceleration and slowing down all the time is demanding. But the track is easy to learn and gives a good overview.

The most important thing is endurance.

Can I take part in both FIXED and GEAR?

Nope! This year it’s fixed only.

How do I find the race?

It’s here: 57.103949, 12.241268

At Strandgatan i Varberg, Sweden

What happens when I buy a ticket?

You’ll get an e-mail with confirmation and the ticket. When you arrive at racing day you’ll get your starting number and more information.


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